Does Olive Oil Prevent Wrinkles?

Olive Oil Prevent Wrinkles

Olive Oil Prevent Wrinkles

For years, many European women have been using olive oil when preparing food, how they care for their hair and for using olive oil on their face. Olive oil is high in antioxidants; especially vitamins A and E and many have found that by using it one their face, their skin looks healthier and firmer. Some even think that it helps to prevent wrinkles.

Because of the antioxidant ingredients in olive oil one’s skin cells are repaired and damage to the cells is prevented. Imagine using a product that is used to prepare meals and finding out that it may prevent wrinkles!

Many women in ancient Greece, years ago, used olive oil as one of their beauty secrets. Some in the present, use olive oil as a moisturizer at night on their face; while others use it as a daily moisturizer. But, before using it as a moisturizer, be sure to apply it on skin that is already damp. In addition, some recommend using extra virgin olive oil when applying it on your skin.

When using olive oil on your face, mix a little bit of lemon juice in with it because this will make your face feel refreshed. Others use olive oil as an Exfoliator. For instance, if you have dry and scaly skin, mix some olive-oil and sea salt in a rub and then massage it to the areas that are dry and scaly. This will give your face a fresh and healthy glow.

It is important to note that olive-oil can also be used on your hair. For instance, after you shampoo your hair, massage a mixture of olive-oil and water into your hair. Make sure the mixture is equal of both. Then, leave it on for about five minutes. Next, shampoo and rinse. Your hair will have more shine and will feel stronger.

Olive oil can also remove makeup. Just a few drops of olive-oil on a cotton pad or tissue will gently remove eye makeup and it will not irritate your skin around your eyes. Olive oil, when used carefully, may prevent wrinkles.

There are also many ways you can use olive-oil to help smooth out wrinkles. You can put some olive-oil under your eyes, eyelid areas and all over your face. And, you can use it when you bathe. Put a one quarter cup of extra virgin olive-oil with a teaspoon of lavender oil in a bath. Your skin will look smoother and you will see fewer wrinkles. What an ineresting beauty secret; that olive-oil may prevent wrinkles!

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